Strategic Design - Exploiting ignorance, creative thinking for business innovation

Early this year I delivered a short talk on the impact of strategic design on business success at the annual Research and Innovation conference in Dublin. Exploiting Ignorance: creative thinking for business innovation.

In this short talk you can find answers about: 1) Why do we need creativity in business? 2) What is the first step in embracing creativity? 3) What's the difference between creativity and innovation? 4) How is creativity entering the business world? And now the question is: are you going to embrace creativity? If yes... when?

P.S.: I'm going to speak to the Food, retail & Hospitality Expo the 13th of September here in Dublin, this is going to be my first slide!

While I like food, let me admit that I don't know a lot about it, and I feel ashamed for it. Coming from Modena, I should at least know something about food and its local traditions.

I'm sure Massimo Bottura is not proud of me as a Modenese living abroad.

But sure, you can't have it all, can you? If you want to learn more about creativity, innovation and design in the Food and Hospitality industries, you can get your complimentary pass here.

Enjoy your lunch!

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