Business strategy visualisation - the discover your customer (template)

In collaborating with my clients, I came to realise how frequently among the management of numerous organisations there is a diverse understating of their customers and their needs.

There is a difference between talking about a client and visualising it.

Words are, in the management of any organisation, a powerful tool for communication. At the same time though they can leave space to different interpretations.

Sure, there no doubt, for technical description (e.g., how to use machinery) user manuals are great. But what when we need to think about our strategy?

As we all know, business strategy is intangible therefore belongs to the way we think. As humans, we all think differently from one another. For this reason, we need to use a visual language, let’s name it strategy visualisation.

The question is: how can we visualise our customer?

This template helps you and your team to think about your client.

The left side of the template describes the essential characteristics of your customer:

1) A short description 2) The geographic location 3) Lifestyle

The right side of the model concentrates on the three top pains your customer experience when it comes to performing an action related with your product or service.

When using the discover your customer template remember that it’s about your client and not about the solution (product/service) you provide. It easy to follow in the trap of making it all about yourself. Do not.

Rather than filling this template as a group I would suggest that managers fill it in on their own first. After that, participants share their version with the team. In doing so different ways of thinking about the customer emerge and can be combined and refined.

Now that you have the editable PDF template, when are you going to schedule your discover your customer session?

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