The two sides of a new challenge

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Any new challenge we face is double-sided and requires us to: 1) Develop a new mindset - a new way to perceive the problem behind the challenge. 2) Develop a real solution (product or service) for it.

You see the difference: the mind comes first, and reality comes only after that.

In a technological world, the risk is to omit the first step; we forget to think before starting developing an 'app' solving what we believe the problem is.

Employing an emerging technology to address a glaring problem is a source of temporary competitive advantage. It won't take long for your competitors to imitate you (reverse engineering).

On the other hand, matching technology with a new interpretation (a new way to look at the underlying customer problem) is the source of sustainable advantage.

''While technology helps you in solving a problem, our ability to imagine help us re-framing''.

Re-framing is at the essence of any differentiation strategy, but also the most challenging work we face as managers.

Visualisation offers an excellent opportunity to overcome this barrier. Opposite to text and numbers, strategy visualisation opens up our creativity enabling us to perceive new possibilities for value creation.

Time is ready to start using visualization in our businesses.

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