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Balanced Scorecard Template

 Balanced Scorecard Template

Balanced scorecard template

If you require a tool to implement your strategy, then look no further.


Simply download this free or premium Balanced Scorecard Template (MS Excel) and fill in the required information. This template will guide you through the different steps needed to develop tools to measure strategy implementation.



This download includes a balanced scorecard template contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet developed on the basis of the Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton framework;

Visualise the presentation full screendownload a .pdf document containing instructions for the use of the template and referring you to the materials needed for the realisation of the project.



Enhance your ability to build a more sustainable competitive advantage by translating your strategy into a (balanced) set of measures and objectives. The balance is between the ‘conventional’ financial measures and the processes needed to generate them.

Balanced Scorecrard Template (Excel)
Balanced Scorecard Framework
Balanced Scorecard - Finacial Perspective
Blanced Scorecard Synthesis

The unlocked version of the balanced scorecard template enables you to:


  1. completely personalise its content;

  2. add extra boxes and info;

  3. create as many copies as you want;

  4. quickly share info with your colleagues;

  5. collaborate by uploading it to the cloud.

Now available a 48 slides long, fully customisable PowerPoint template.

Make it visual. Start measuring the leading factor in your organization's success with this PowerPoint template. 

You can purchase a fully customisable PowerPoint version of the balanced scorecard template, enabling you to:


  1. visualise your value chain project;

  2. adapt the template to your needs;

  3. collaborate with colleagues;

  4. brand the template;

  5. present the project.

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