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Design Thinking Opportunity Template

 Design Opportunity Template

Design thinking opportunity template

Start implementing a design thinking agenda within your organisation.


The Design (thinking) Opportunity Template enables you to evaluate the contribution that design can bring to the success of your new project. 

This template, a seven-page-long editable .pdf file, will guide you through the six questions you and your team need to answer to evaluate the design opportunity for your new project.


Just fill in the required information, share it with your team and invite them to collaborate. 

Assess the design thinking opportunity for your project.

Watch the video full screen or on my YouTube channel.

I'm creating an online programme introducing you to the Design Thinking Process & Tools. Would you like to contribute to it by sharing your experience in getting started with the design process? Drop me an email, and I'll provide you with early access. 

Design Opportunity Template
Human Centered Design
Understanding the problem
Level of the uncertainty
Degree of complexity of the project
Available data
Current solution to the problem

Not a fan of working with different PDF templates? 


Get your team to collaborate remotely on your strategic, creative and design projects.

The poster below enables you, and your team to get started with the pre-steps in the design thinking process. Click on it, and it will open in view only mode. 

Design Opportunity Template Poster

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