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Company Positioning Template

 Company Positioning Template

Company positioning template

If you require a tool to examine your company’s positioning within your industry then look no further.


Simply download this free or premium company positioning template (MS Excel) and fill in the required information. The concentration of the required data in the model will help you to focus on the factors that determine the level of competition present in your specific strategic group within your industry.



This download includes a template for structural analysis within an industry contained in an MS Excel spreadsheet developed on the basis of Porter's framework;

Here you can download a .pdf document containing instructions for the use of the template and referring you to the materials needed for the realisation of the project.


The objective is to help you understand your competitors' current strategies, strengths and weaknesses. A competitor analysis will deepen your insights into what motivates your competitors, into their assumptions about their own situation and into the industry as a whole.

The unlocked version of the company positioning template enables you to:


  1. completely personalise its content;

  2. add extra boxes and info;

  3. create as many copies as you want;

  4. quickly share info with your colleagues;

  5. collaborate by uploading it to the cloud.

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