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Remote Training Sessions on Strategic Design

Remote training sessions on

Strategic Design 

Organisations achieving sustainable growth promote a continuous innovation culture in their employees. 

Strategic design offers a powerful approach to continuous innovation, merging the analytical tools of strategic thinking with the creative toolkit of design thinking.

Stefano assist organisations to develop and cultivate a continuous innovation approach by training their employees, introducing them to the mindset and the tools necessary to achieve it.  

Move your creative team effort online.


This session is for organisations looking to move their creative effort from a physical to a digital shared space.

The session introduces the tools, and the methods needed to run remote sessions in design, creativity, innovation and strategy creation. 

The session focuses on the pivotal role that facilitation plays for the outcome of the remote team effort. 

The session is suitable for a maximum of four participants and needs to be arranged in advance. 

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Remote training session on strategic design
Managing a design thinking process
Managing a remote strategic design project.


Managing a remote Strategic Design project is challenging.

In this session Stefano will share his experience in working on projects with team members spread among different locations and time zones.

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