Strategic design & creativity for business innovation

Stefano Messori Design Strategist Remote Trainer and Facilitator

Remote training - Strategic Design for Business Innovation.

Stefano helps organisations to innovate strategically and grow organically by facilitating online training sessions on strategic design.

Bringing teams together in a physical room is not only impractical but frequently is not workable, e.g. in distributed teams. 

Strategic, design and creative thinking are the heart of organisations’ ability to compete sustainably and to remain relevant to their customers. 

Stefano assists organisations shifting their strategic, creative and design sessions from a physical space (the meeting room) to an online space (remote) enabling team members to work both, synchronously and asynchronously. 

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Online Project Management platform for Strategic Design
Strategic Design Tool @StefanoMessori:

Design @StefanoMessori is a simple yet powerful online management tool to organise the work of your team around a new strategic design project.

Design @StefanoMessori makes it easy to split a new design project into tasks and sub-tasks, then assign those to teammates by setting clear deadlines. 

Online (live) training sessions:


Live training in Strategic Design. 

Besides my online programmes, I offer online live training sessions to teams responsible for innovating their organisations. 

By using meeting and webinar software, I train teams spread among different locations.


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Online live training session for business innovation
Creativity Labs:


Have a look at my online platform in which you can find online programmes introducing you and your team to the concepts of creativity and design for business innovation. 

Team meeting platform:


Let's bring together your Strategic Design team with a secure & encrypted team meeting platform.

It's vital to monitor the development of your strategic design process by organising video calls with your team.


Online team meeting platfrom
Remote creative collaborative space. 


Tired of booking and setting up the meeting room for your strategic, creative and design thinking sessions? 

The first obstacle in the way of successful meetings is setting up the right environment. 


Let's move your strategic design initiatives from a physical room to an online collaborate space.

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