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Design Thinking for Business Innovation - free webinar (edited recording)

I have presented a webinar on Design Thinking for Business Innovation, in collaboration with Starweaver. Although this webinar aims at technologists, it contains lots of useful insight for anyone interested in start use Design Thinking to innovate.

I have edited the webinar recording and made it available in my Content Platform, here.

The content of this Design Thinking for Business Innovation webinar, now available as an online programme, is as follow:

  1. Design Thinking for Business Innovation - slides.

  2. Design thinking Webinar Introduction.

  3. What is design thinking for business?

  4. Where to use design thinking in business?

  5. The design thinking process.

  6. Design thinking at work.

  7. The impact of design thinking in business innovation.

If you are looking for a brief yet informative introduction to Design Thinking, you are in the right place - give this online programme a go.

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Design Thinking for Business Innovation (Webinar)

I'm looking forward to great conversations.

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