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A new idea is a new form

In my previous post, I have shared how in fostering my creative thinking I sketch an image for every new idea ‘if I don’t forget it first.’

While this is true, often the opposite is more accurate – the new idea is the result of an original image or form.

In other words, the ability to shape a new form spurs a new idea and not the other way around.

A new (business) idea is a new form

The challenge of finding new forms.

By trying to sense-making anything we see, hear or touch, our brain keeps us from perceiving new forms. Our brain like a probability computer forces us to attach a meaning to anything we experience.

Like a calculator, our brain efficiently searches for the best interpretation of what is in front of us by matching it against our current database which we have developed over time (memory).

While this role of the brain is essential in preserving our ability to function, on the other hand, it limits our perception only to the things we already know or past experiences.

But unfortunately, more of the same is not enough for organisations looking to develop innovative product and services.

It all would be easier if we could switch off our memory for a while, experiencing a temporary loss of memory, forgetting what we know well, but this is not possible.

So, to cultivate our creative thinking capabilities as managers looking to achieve organic growth, we have to trick our brain.

Ok, let’s not use any types of alcohol or drugs here, right?

The starting point to detach ourselves from what we know well (our business) is looking for a new interpretation of it. For example, if our team is trying to create a low-cost strategy (but don’t know where to start), we need to close our eyes and try to visualise how that would look like - giving it a shape.

A new business idea is a new way to perceive business growth

Michelangelo already saw the sculpture within a block of marble, and his 'only' job was to remove the unnecessary part.

Ok, but we are not Michelangelo, so even if we would like it, we don’t know the final idea yet, but we have a starting point, our primitive new form.

Now we have to work on it, to add more parts or components to it, to elaborate it a bit.

In future posts, we will see how organic growth requires the contribution of a team of people, each one of them contributing to a part of the new form.

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