The organisation-wide strategy template

Did you ever participate in a strategy meeting in your organisation? I'm sure you'd remember if you did.

Why is business strategy still such an awkward subject?

One of the main issues we experience with business strategy is that it is hard to visualise it. In other words, we experience troubles when trying to project the concept of strategy in our brains.

Fear not. We are going to make business strategy more accessible. After all, any business, from startups to corporations need to develop a robust strategy to compete sustainably.

I’m creating new online programmes and other material, e.g. templates aiming at making business strategy more visible therefore more accessible.

These programmes help in visualising the main components of the strategy of your organisation, also they dig into each element and explain it.

There are two sides of an organisation-wide strategy:

Organisation-wide strategy

Left side: an internal view of an organisation, the product, the activities required to manufacture and sell that product and finally the stream of revenues generated.

Right side: an external view of an organisation, which is also its value proposition.

This organisation-wide strategy chart is a way to simplify the strategy of an organisation by making it visual.

This chart combines the concepts behind the SWOT analysis, industry analysis, value chain analysis and the value proposition.

Using visual aids (templates) is only the first step in making strategy feel real. In future posts, I’m going to introduce an organised process (a set of templates) enabling you to make the strategy of your organisation feeling real.

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