A dialogue on Strategic Design

Updated: May 17, 2019

Tuesday I hosted the first live webinar of the ‘On Strategic Design’ Series.

Joining a live event is a luxury reserved for the few. I have created an Online Programme containing the webinar replay, the slides, and a video explaining the role of incremental and disruptive innovation. You can access it in the Content Platform here.

Strategic Design Programme (Recorded Webinar)

As you will see in the replay, the first part (the presentation) was ok, but it was only when the participants commented and asked questions, that things got more exciting.

Why is that?

Technology is fantastic – we wouldn’t be here without it. At the same time though, what brings us together has got a social nature, we connect because we share the same interest for creativity and business innovation.

Let me tell you, while I love being able to share my understanding of strategy and design, with all of you, this is not enough. We have to go the extra mile together; we have the possibility of co-creating new knowledge by sharing different experiences when trying to innovate our organisations.

Innovation, to happen, requires dialogues, not monologues. The biggest challenge we face as managers trying to innovate in the 21st century is not the lack of knowledge (there has never been so much around) but rather the ability to start conversations that matter, creating a sense of participation and commitment within our teams.

The purpose of the ‘On Strategic Design’ Webinar Series is not creating monologues (we leave this to traditional educators preparing compliant factory workers) but rather offering a safe learning environment for us to play with new ideas and sharing what we have learned in our journey as innovators.

I’m setting up the second live webinar of the ‘On Strategic Design Series’, and I’d like you to join live, or in the Online Programme, I’ll create out of it.

Register for the Live Webinar on Strategic Design

It’s time to make our journey as innovators transparent, sharing it with this community is the first step toward it.

I’ll see you there.

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