Creativity Tours - getting inspired by the work of artisans

What is creativity? Where does it come from?

In the last ten years as a trainer, I have spent most of my time creating sessions (face to face or remote) engaging and instigating the creative side of participants.

Creative tours - Creative Training session for business

Most participants in my sessions are entrepreneurs or managers working at various levels into companies, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Despite the variety of different characters and their ways of thinking, there is a common denominator - creativity is like beauty, is a gift of the few.

What makes my work hard - but also I have to admit interesting is not providing rational explanations about the value of creativity in business innovation which is widely accepted (there is only a minority of sceptical left) but changing the perception of participants about their creative abilities.

Changing perception, which means changing the way we interpret the world is hardly a byproduct of rationality, but one of an emotional journey.

As creativity also applies to my job, I have been feeling - for a good while now - the need to change my training approach or using a fancy word - my Pedagogy.

Creativity tours and sessions for business managers

Creativity tours enable participants to open up their creativity not through reasoning but through discovery.

After a good few years at this, I realised the importance of the training environment. While training for common or technical knowledge, e.g. IT, HR, Marketing to name a few, a training room is enough as the emphasis is on the topic, and not on the trainees.

In enabling people to embrace their creativity, there is the need of taking them into a journey of discovery.

I am already working on the 'Creativity tours' offer, stay tuned as in my next posts I will share the progress and reveal more about this new approach to training.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more, hit the speech bubble and drop me a message there.

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