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Design Thinking Process - Identify an Opportunity

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the live training session early this week, I’ve introduced the Design Thinking Process & Tools (Online Programme), the Design Thinking Templates I have developed to date, and the On-line Tools available for organising a Design Thinking initiative in your organisation.

During the next live training session, this coming Tuesday, May 14th, I’ll introduce you to the first step in the design process using the Design Opportunity Template.

Design thinking Process & Tools for Business Innovation

In many organisations, teams struggle in getting started with design thinking because they are not clear if this is the right approach for their growth initiative.

So, during the upcoming live session let’s clarify the difference between design thinking and conventional rational (strategic thinking) and explore when it is appropriate to use one or the other.

As you can see on this, and my other platforms, I’m more keen on using the term Strategic Design rather than just Design Thinking – this is because in starting a new profitable growth opportunity we need both minds at work.

The problem we face as innovators is not only to understand the difference between these two approaches, which are both necessary but to grasp how to connect them appropriately.

The Design (thinking) Opportunity Template enables you to test the contribution that design can bring to the success of your new project.

There are six questions you and your team need to answer to assess if design is appropriate for the growth opportunity you are envisioning in your organisation:

  1. Level of complexity

  2. Availability of data

  3. Current offer

  4. Human centred

  5. Understanding of the problem

  6. Level of uncertainty

Any successful project starts by getting team members engaged early in the process and developing a sense of commitment to it. It’s essential getting your team on board especially in deciding if design thinking is the right choice for the project, and why.

Reserve your spot for the upcoming live training session; seats are going fast. Meanwhile, it would be awesome if you could watch this video tutorial and work on the template by downloading it here.

I’ll see you there.

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