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Design Thinking Process, Templates & Tools

Updated: May 17, 2019

I’m working on my latest Online Programme introducing the Design Thinking process, templates and tools.

As a content creator, I’d love your input. Thus I will run a live webinar next Tuesday the 7th of May, at 16:00 IST to share some updates with you.

Design Thinking Process, Template & Tools Live Webinar

The webinar will be an occasion to share:

  • Design Thinking Process & Tools (Online Programme): an introduction to my work-in-progress online programme: Design Thinking Process and Tools.

  • On-line Tools for Design Thinking. Let’s explore two types of on-line tools for organising a Design Thinking project in your organisation. The first tool MURAL enhances ‘creative’ collaboration among remote teams and the second for managing a design process.

  • Co-creation Offer (for organisations). Do you work in an organisation? I’m creating an offer for those organisations interested in taking part in the first iteration of project-based learning.

There is a wide-open debate on the impact of design thinking in business, and a recent study ‘The Business value of design’ by McKinsey highlights essential data.

Differently, from McKinsey, I’m not trying to prove the validity of Design, I’m all for it, but inviting you to put it into action, in a real project within your organisation.

The main conversation about the validity of design thinking in business is around its feasibility/implementation. Is design turning into the latest management fad or is something changing the way we do business?

Can you use design thinking within your organisation without waiting for the permission of your boss?

Reserve your seat (places are limited), let me introduce you to the design thinking templates and explanatory videos I have developed to date and what I’m creating in the Online Programme.

The live session will also be an excellent opportunity to participate, to ask questions and share your understanding of design for business innovation.

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Scarlett Hodge
Scarlett Hodge
27 sept. 2021

Thanks great blog ppost

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