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Design Thinking Process – The Design Brief

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

In the live training session yesterday, I’ve introduced the Scope Opportunity Template, the second step in the design thinking process.

The 18th of June I’m going to run a live session introducing the third step of the design process – Drafting the Design Brief.

After deciding that design is the right approach for your challenge, and setting the boundaries for your project, time is ready to redact your Design Brief.

The Design Brief template requires you to clarify the following:

1) A quick description of your project

2) The target user/s

3) The scope of your project

4) The limitations you face

5) The questions you need to answer

6) The Expected outcomes

7) The metrics you are going to use to monitor the success

As you use design thinking for those opportunities or problem in which current solutions fall short, the risk is getting lost. By forcing you to pin down your current understanding of the project, the Design Brief keeps you, and your team, from getting lost.

Remember, disrupting innovation is hardly a linear project; there are many moving parts involved, and it happens at many levels within organisations.

The Design Brief template also serves as a means to align your team. Team alignment must be cultivated from the early steps of the design project. As you might have experienced in the past, there is nothing worse than being involved in a project that doesn’t seem framed or set-up correctly.

In this session, I’m going to share with you some common obstacles in drafting a Design Brief and its misconceptions in the design process.

Start working on your Design Brief with this free template, and join the live training session by sharing your comments and questions.

I'll see you there 🚀

P.S.: Please note that an edited recording of my live training sessions is freely available for a week after the broadcasting. After that, it is only accessible by purchasing the online programme.

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