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Design Thinking & Social Innovation

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Is it possible for organisations to enhance their communities while generating profits?

Since the birth of corporations Capitalism has gained a terrible name, the only way to achieve profits is by damaging local communities and their citizens.

Design Thinking and Social Innovation

We got confused. We somehow forgot the very nature and the meaning of running a business, which is providing a product or a service to a user in need for it.

Is not capitalism what is wrong, but its implementation.

When revenue generation, and not serving customers' needs becomes the prime goal of businesses, society struggles and communities suffer.

But there is hope. The most attractive business opportunities that are emerging globally have a double or even a triple bottom line. Businesses are slowing understanding that impact is an important aspect of their doing.

For its very nature, design reminds business the importance of considering the final user not as an isolated unit, but as part of an ecosystem. If the ecosystem suffers, the user does it too.

What's the role of Government (at its different levels) in all of this? Should Government compensate for the shortcoming of businesses? Should Government need to become more citizen centred rather than process and service centre? More and more Governments are familiarising with design and realising the impact they can achieve for their citizens.

Webinar recording now available:

Download webinar's slides here.

Join me Wednesday the 17th of June for a live webinar on Design thinking for social innovation.

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