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Design videos to communicate your new strategy

There is no doubt – video is becoming the most effective/engaging form of communication.

Raise your hand if you are still using PowerPoint slides to communicate the strategy of your organisation.

It’s easy and also convenient to believe that successful strategies have a top-down direction and that a slide deck is a right tool to communicate them - unfortunately though, this is pure fiction.

Let me clarify this better; a slide deck might work within an existing and set strategy. If we introduce change, we need to add something different; we need to communicate that a shift is happening.

Design videos to communicate your business strategy

There are a lot of books written on change, and the common denominator among them is that it’s never easy or convenient. So, it’s vital to communicate in advance that something is changing, or that it will change soon.

The main aim when communicating change is to generate buy-ins, to get others embracing the change rather than rejecting it.

Even better, from a leadership standpoint, would be to inspire the people working in an organisation with the right attitude not only to welcome change but to actively pursuing it.

Videos have the power to do this, to inspire change to happen.