On Strategic Design – live webinar series

Updated: May 17, 2019

Let’s embrace the power of live conversations on Strategic Design.

On Strategic Design – live webinar series

Don’t take me wrong; I believe in the power of asynchronous conversations. The content in my online programmes is always available (24/7) for anyone willing to discover more about strategic design.

I invite participants in my Content Platform to comment, ask questions, or leave a review. There is no doubt about the contribution that recorded material can bring to the users and their learning.

The problem: technology alone is not enough. As an online learner first, and a (work in progress) educator, I know the difficulties of remaining engaged in an online course. Technology today allows us to create, store and share great content with others - just a few years back and this was a dream. Despite the excellent material available today on the net, there is a definite limit to what ‘recorded’ content can do. The opportunity we have today is to connect, discuss and co-create knowledge by complementing recorded material with live online conversations.

Register for the Live Webinar on Strategic Design

I’m starting ‘On Strategic Design’ a series of live webinars aiming at:

  1. sharing and updating you on my latest work/offer on strategic design;

  2. getting your thoughts and feedback on my new offering;

  3. making you an active contributor to my work and, to the field of business strategy and design thinking.

Business innovation is a team sport; it happens in the conversations we have with our team, colleagues, and coworkers at any level.

Grab your seat here - join me, and other professionals Tuesday 18th of September (Next week) on a live on-line conversation on strategic design.

Are you struggling to start a strategic design agenda in your organisation? Suggest a topic in the comment section below, and I’ll address it on the live webinar.

You didn't make it live? Watch the Webinar Replay which is available for free in my Content Platform.

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