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Planning your design thinking project

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Design thinking differs from business planning. 

Organisations relay on design thinking when in need to device a new strategy by switching the perception of the problem they are trying to solve or the opportunity they want to enhance. Business planning helps in implementing the new strategy.  

Is planning needed in design thinking? 

Oh yes, any successful design thinking process must have three types of plans. 

The first plan relates to the setting - how is a team going to work? Until recently a physical setting was the normal, given the current circumstances organisations are switching to a remote setting in running their design thinking projects. This shift comes with a cost attached and with an effort from all the team members.

Familiarising with new softwares, working asynchronously, acquiring an unfamiliar language that suits online communication are all factor slowing an organisation down. Is therefore important planning the setting for your design project. 

The second plan relates to the people involved in the design thinking project.

Any design thinking project requires two teams. An internal team, responsible for the day to day running of the project and an external team, contributing to the project with their intelligence, exceeding the one from the core team.

The participants of the extended team are experts in the project's area, early adopters and advocates. 

The third and last plan relates to the research the team has to perform.