Running a remote design thinking session

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Running your design thinking sessions remotely is no longer a want, but it has become a need. Despite some of us feel challenged by a technology gap (which can be easily solved) the real issue is shifting our mindset. Being in the same room with your innovation team has somehow become a privilege, with the current situation making this even more extreme. Any design thinking project is composed by a core and an extended team. The core team are the people actively working on the project full time, the extended team are people that can help you, and your team, in achieving success in your innovation project. By inviting users to pre-experience and to collaborate on a set of solutions, co-creation reduces the risk of innovation. Running remote co-creation sessions not only speeds up the design thinking process but also enables you to reach users outside your physical reach. I'm running a live webinar on Wednesday the 13th of May @ 2pm IST, where I'll share what I've learned in running remote creative session with my users and customers.

Running a remote design thinking session

Register and reserve your spot, places are limited. Attending a live webinar is not always workable, but offers you the possibility to ask questions, interact and connect.

Webinar replay:

If you have questions you'd like to ask during the webinar, please type it down in the comment area below and I'll address it during the webinar. Stay safe.

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