Stefano’s latest work and GDPR

Updated: May 17, 2019

Let me bring you up to speed with my recent work and a quick word on the upcoming GDPR regulation.

1) A new presentation-style template on the value chain template.

Many of you are familiar with my MS Excel value chain template, while this version of the framework offers excellent efficiencies I have been asked to create a more visual version of it.

Visualisation not only switches on the creative part of our brains but also fosters teamwork.

Analysing the activities that your company performs to create value for your customers, it’s hardly the work of one person.

Value chain analysis template (visual presentation)

You can get a free PDF version of this 40-page extended new template, and a premium (completely customisable) PowerPoint edition.

2) A new way of reaching you, and GDPR.

I’m using new software to keep you updated with my latest work, after a good run with MailChimp I’m now using ConvertFox (this sounds like going to the Zoo!). I like the clear email layout and design, and I hope you do too.

New emails for Stefano's Blog on Strategic Design

Let me close this short post with a word on GDPR. You are receiving my emails because you have downloaded one of my templates, got one of my online courses, or subscribed to my Blog - but this is going to change. Only people that subscribe will receive Blog updates.

As you are already on this list, please click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email if you don’t want to receive future updates on my work on strategic design.

There is nothing wrong with un-subscribing (from my or any other website), it is perfectly ok. Also, looking back, I believe I should have been more careful in placing people on this list when leaving their email addresses for other reasons.

Thanks for your collaboration on this.

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