The social nature of entrepreneurship

We measure the validity of a new business idea on its ‘potential’ return on investment.

Let me tell you that, as upsetting as it can be for my mother, I’m not a big fan of the daily/weekly horoscopes, and the current way of measuring the validity of a new idea is the business version of it.

Financial Horoscope

As the business horoscope isn’t enough, please enter the Dragons’ Den – which, and this is not a joke, it ruins every single Christmas I spend with my family as they dig into business matters, which follows right after the inevitable political debate (for the survivors).

So where are we left as business innovators? In a future which is already dictated by the alignment of our financial stars, and a head to head competition (with other starting entrepreneurs) to show how smart we, and our ideas are.

And the winner is, like in school - the best presenter of his or her financial horoscope, a memory exercise. Rehearse enough times, take an advanced presentations course, and you’ll be on the right track.

Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with TV shows or financial forecasts. But with our journey as human beings and our will to create better experiences for the people we care about, and want to serve.

It’s not a case that more businesses are now understanding the impact that design, together with sociology and anthropology bring to their ability to survive.

The impact of design on business

In large organisations name it intra-preneurship, but the concept doesn't change - understanding customers un-articulated set of needs, co-creating concepts, testing different solutions (working prototypes) etc. it is, with no doubt, the only source left for sustainable competitive advantage.

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