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What's a Design Brief?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The success of any design thinking process depends upon the formulation of a clear Design Brief document.

What's a Design Brief?

The Design brief is a concise document containing the basic elements of your design thinking process.

By explaining the intent of your project, its scope, the expected impact, etc a well-constructed design brief ensures the success of your design thinking effort.

Join me in this session and learn how to draft your design brief and how to get your (remote) team on board on your design thinking project.

In this live training session, I'll introduce you to:

  • The key elements of a design brief.

  • Working on a design brief with your (remote) team.

  • Creating a shared agenda for your design thinking project.

You can download a design brief template here.

Webinar recording now available:

If you have questions or comments please use the comment area below and I'll be happy to help/assist.

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